Prepare to be blown out of time!

Ahoy matties! Welcome aboard the official Port o’ Call for the alternate historical world of Captain Pyrite. Who is Captain Pyrite ye ask? Well mate, let’s take a quick pop quiz: Captain Pyrite is a... 

A) Rock Band
B) Movie
C) Graphic Novel
D) Pirate Lord
E) All of the Above. 

If you chose "All of the Above’, you would be CORRECT! Set during the Golden Age of Piracy, a wound in time alters history, allowing pirates to rule the seas indefinitely. Arose the great Pirate Lords and the Oceanic Free Nation of Thieves & Scoundrels. Most notorious is Captain Pyrite, hypnotic, poetic, and in proper rock n’ roll tradition, wildly self-destructive. Yes, he’s rebellious, but with a cause. The world has gone to hell, and he has a plan to fix it. Captain Pyrite risks it all on a quest to repair time, but will his second chance at redemption save the world or destroy it? 

Dive into the official Captain Pyrite website and melt your brain as everything you knew about pirates is about to change!

Pyrite's Flag Skull and Lightning Bolts