Ahoy matties, this be the official Captain Pyrite Web site, the source fer all things pyrite.  We bring you the music, lore, romance, & seafaring adventure of the most violent, charismatic pirate to ever sail the seven seas.  Whether ye be interested in the music, artwork, or just a plain ol' fan of pirates, we'll be havin' something of interest to ya.  Skallywags, rogues, and salty sea dogs welcome, so pull up a rum keg, set a-spell, and have yourselves a grand ol' time.


Fish with a real life Rock Star! Commander Hawk Fishing Charters is open for business.

Fun Fishing with Commander Hawk Part 1           Fun Fishing with Commander Hawk Part 2

Want to know more about Captain Pyrite? Watch the Pyrite Videography

Jet-Boy recently released a new album "Chill" under the name ZionaurA.
Check it out at www.myspace.com/zionaura

New Pirate Flags in the Gallery
  Captain Pyrite's Flag                Kalla al Morey's Flag

Check out the Captain Pyrite's BURIED TREASURE filled with rare tracks, remixes, & obscurities.

New Sculpture in the Gallery

The shark tooth was sculpted by C-HAWK and painted by the Emperor John-Morgan.
Check out the Captain Pyrite shark tooth in the GALLERY

Check out some BRAND NEW DEMOS in the MUSIC section.

The Legends of Captain Pyrite photo collage. CLICK HERE for a larger image.

Check out the detailed history of the making of the Legends of Captain Pyrite.

Check out the detailed history of the making of the Revenge of Captain Pyrite.

Scott Bond has his very own guitar store. Check out Fat Cat Guitars

C-HAWK and the Emperor John-Morgan on TV!

The short film BROKEN TATTOO starring C-HAWK and the Emperor John-Morgan premiered this October on the television show IMAGE UNION, WTTW Channel 11. This short has also appeared at the Image Union Short Film Fest & Season Premiere Party at the Vic Theatre in Chicago as well as the Chicago Short Comedy Film and Video Fest.

Captain Pyrite Spiced Rum

Captain Pyrite has killed Captain Morgan and taken over his rum business. Unfortunately these
bottles or rum are not for sale and are only available as personal gifts and as bribes.

Captain Pyrite is on iTUNES!

What are you waiting for? You can download the Legends of Captain Pyrite
and the Revenge of Captain Pyrite from the iTunes store.

New Artwork in the Gallery

Check out the new artwork in the GALLERY and see pictures of our first fan tattoo!

Captain Pyrite is on Myspace.

Head over to www.myspace.com/captainpyrite and check out his profile
and ADD him to your Myspace friends list.

tracks are available to download in the MUSIC section.

The REVENGE OF CAPTAIN PYRITE is now available!


The Album is available in two versions. The first is the regular Jewel Case edition.

The other is the deluxe "Heavy Metal" special edition.

It was fabricated by C-Hawk and assembled by the Emperor John-Morgan.

These editions are very rare. Only 50 of them were made. Each disk is stamped and numbered.

It includes the Album, a Behind the Scenes DVD, six Art Cards, and liner notes.
Tracks are available to download in the MUSIC section.

The LEGENDS OF CAPTAIN PYRITE is still available!


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