C-HAWK and the Emperor John-Morgan formed Captain Pyrite in August of 1994. Originally beginning as a one-time only performance, Captain Pyrite blossomed into the current rock-and-roll art show. The two brothers gathered a crew of musicians around them, including singer/songwriter Jet-Boy, and recorded their first self-produced album the Legends of Captain Pyrite. They embarked on a voyage of terror touring the United States from coast to coast. They made sure wherever they performed, people would remember the name...


The band's nautical background serves as perfect inspiration for the common theme in the group's music. In fact, the nautical inspiration lead to the creation of a fictitious character named Captain Pyrite, who adds to the myth of the band while providing a vehicle to cross over into multi-media. There are plans for Captain Pyrite comics, books, games, and a movie. The goal of Captain Pyrite is to merge technology and the arts with music as the universal glue to bind it all together.

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After the success of the first album and subsequent tour, the brothers, C-HAWK and John-Morgan, assembled a new crew of talented musicians including Sarah Nielsen, Joe Booe, Scott Bond, and Gordon Rinda and recorded their next record, the Revenge of Captain Pyrite. Once again, they have embarked on a swashbuckling voyage to terrorize and educate the world about Captain Pyrite.

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A character of mythical proportions and the source of countless legends, Captain Pyrite is the most infamous, violent, and charismatic pirate of all time. Just his name is whispered in awe and fear. Much of the pirate archetype is based upon him and his excessive lifestyle. The tales of his adventures are outlandish, mirthful, and bizarre; however, the strangest fact remains, most of the stories are true!


The Velvet Rainbow Dancer is a mystical sea creature that dances through the skies following only the most violent of storms. Due to the ferocity of the storms, very few lucky souls have spotted her. Many believe she doesn’t actually exist, but Captain Pyrite knows she does; he has witnessed her with his own eyes. It is rumored she lives on the island at the center of all storms where she hides the ultimate treasure.


Maria del Mar is just as infamous as her Captain. She is known as the most notorious female pirate to ever sail the seas. Hand-trained by Captain Pyrite, she transformed from his lover to his most loyal, crazed, and feared crewmate. Many men have loved Maria del Mar, but few have lived long enought to tell about it. Her wild personality in tandem with her womanly powers over men made her a legend in her own right.


The most hated of rivals, Blakdog and Captain Pyrite instantly attack each other on sight, using any resource at hand at a chance to kill each other. Hideously disfigured from battle, Blakdog can set fear in the hearts of men just with his looks. During battle, Blakdog ignites many of his bearded dreadlocks using them to light multiple pistols. From a distance, the smoke makes him appear to be inhuman. Many claim he is not a man, but a demon of the sea.


The Vyking is rumored to be a god trapped in the form of metal. Some stories say he was punished while others say he was tricked into the metal. What is known is his unrelenting rage. The Vyking can sit still for decades before being overcome with rage, embarking on rampage of carnage, after which he stops and remains immobile once again for years. Many have foolishly taken the Vyking into their possession dismissing the legend. None have survived from their mistake.


The Snakecharmer is composed of various symbols of weaponry. Its torso is a snake, while its arm and leg are formed from a bow. Its other leg is a saber and the arm an arrow, though in recent years the arrow has been lost. A single bolt holds the Snakecharmer together. If removed, the Snakecharmer can be dismantled, but never killed. It is rumored the Snakecharmer feeds on the tears of virgins often making the most sorrowful sounds akin to singing. It is said the song of the Snakecharmer makes even the strongest of men weep. As powerful as it is, the Snakecharmer is deathly afraid of water.

AMARA the Mermaid

Beneath the ocean depths lies a race of creatures wrappedin myth and mystery. What little of them is known describes them as a species of part fish and part machine. By their nature very few have ever spied one of these creatures, yet they are a very curious species. Amara is a mermaid who was trapped in fishermen nets. Captain Pyrite freed her saving her life. Since then she has fallen in love with Captain Pyrite and keeps a watchful eye on him from beneath the seas.


Like the Vyking and the Snakecharmer, Neptune is a titan, a being composed of animated metal. No one knows the origins of these creatures, but there are many tales recounting their often-violent behaviors. Neptune lives in the vast ocean and is worshiped as a god by the Merpeople. Neptune fiercely protects his subjects destroying anything in his path. Many a ship and sailor have fallen prey to Neptune’s fury.


Kalla al Morey is Captain Pirate’s archenemy. The two men never met often, but when they did, one of them usually walked away missing limbs. The hatred between the two is immeasurable. Kalla is a sorcerer, slaver, and pirate from the Middle Eastern seas. His twisted pleasures are unquenchable just as his thirst for knowledge and power. He, too, has seen the Velvet Rainbow Dancer and is aware of the ultimate treasure that lies on the island at the center of all storms.



C-HAWK is an experienced sailor as the "C" in C-HAWK stands for Captain. He balances his time between art and travel, and hopes to fulfill one of his dreams of touring with the band by ship. After graduating from the Art Institute, Chicago, he went on to receive his graduate degree in Pietra Santa, Italy, sculpting marble. Upon returning to the United States, C-HAWK received his Captain's license, bought a 34 foot sailing vessel, renovated the yacht from stern to gullet, and rechristened the ship the Rage. The artist states he changed his name from C-DOG to C-HAWK because he flies high and dives deep. He lives on his boat in Key West, Florida and opperates his fishing business Commander Hawk Fishing Charters


In Kindergarten his teacher asked John-Morgan what he wanted to be when he grew up. Instead of replying a fireman or a doctor, John-Morgan declared, "I want to be the Emperor of the Universe!" Two days before his graduation from Columbia College Chicago, John-Morgan had an enlightening encounter with a prophet named "Bruce." He walked away from the bizarre conversation with the recollection of his kindergarten proclamation. After much deliberation, he came to the inevitable conclusion. At his graduation ceremony John-Morgan officially announced he was the Emperor of the Universe. Recently the Emperor completed his Masters of Science of Information Systems.


Jet is an accomplished musician, songwriter, and recording engineer out of Dallas Texas.  His talents include vocals, guitar, bass, keys, trombone, theramin, congas and bongos, and many other percussion instruments. 

Jet has recorded three complete full length albums including The Legends of Captain Pyrite, Schematic with the group Critikal Mass, and most recently "Chill", an album entirely written and performed by Jet under the name ZionaurA.


Sarah Nielsen was discovered in the center of a kidney bean. Her parents were quite surprised when her father had one of his kidneys removed and inside was a beautiful baby daughter. They raised their tiny little daughter who grew and grew into a tall and beautiful woman. Sarah has been singing her entire life. Throughout her youth Sarah dedicated herself to choir, dance, and theatre refining her artistic skills. In Sarah's free time, which isn't much, she enjoys writing music, sleeping, eating, cross-stitching, and sleeping some more. Sarah set off to follow her love of music and passion for sleep at Elmhurst College, in Elmhurst Illinois. She recently graduated and has begun teaching music.


Forged in the heart of a volcano, Joe Booe was fashioned by metal, formed by the hardest of rock, and cooled by the tears of the Goddess of Love. Joe Booe grew up on the mean streets of Chicago and spent a career lending his powerful lungs to numerous bands. Joe Booe also has a lucrative career providing voice-overs for Japanese Anime. Joe Booe considers the best things in life consist of compelling company, the laughter of family and friends, and the ecstasy of women. Joe Booe is the pinnacle definition of a demi-god, a human who exhibits god-like abilities.


This is Scott Bond. Scott Bond plays guitar. He was born. He grew. He bought a guitar. He learned to play guitar. He bought more guitars. He then made guitars. And finally he opened his own guitar store Fat Cat Guitars.

Scott also showcases his talents in his original rock group Aeth3r.


Gordon "Gord the Sword" Rinda started playing drums at the age of 4. His very first drum set was the kitchen table at meal times. Born and raised in Chicago, Gordon spend much of his youth drumming in local rock and Chicago style blues bands. By the age of 17 Gordon had opened for Koko Taylor and Son Seals in Madison Wisconsin’s “End of Summer Blues Festival.” In recent years Gordon has opened for Tracy Laurence, Tracy Bird, Little Texas, Wishbone Ash, The Yellow Jackets, Head East, John Berry, CCR, and REO Speedwagon. In 1995 Gordon started Woodland Audio & Video, a full production and recording studio.

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